IRS Signals Intent to Scrutinize Foreign Payments

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March 10, 2016

The IRS intends to more closely scrutinize payments made to foreign corporations, as indicated by its creation of a new international LB&I “practice unit,” which will provide guidance for IRS auditors.  With respect to foreign corporations, auditors are instructed to focus significantly on whether FDAP income is paid to foreign corporations, and if it is, whether 30% withholding should apply under Chapter 3. Though the practice unit does not issue official pronouncements of law, its guidance to the field can provide taxpayers with valuable insights into issues of importance to the IRS.  Further, guidance issued by the new unit can help to educate taxpayers on the process auditors will use to analyze transactions.  The development of this new practice unit highlights the IRS’s focus on compliance with respect to outbound payments of U.S.-source income.  Taxpayers should ensure that they carefully consider the character and source of payments to determine whether withholding might apply under either Chapter 3 or Chapter 4 (FATCA) of the Code.  Failure to withhold as required subjects withholding agents to secondary liability for amounts that should have been withheld.