United States and Switzerland Amend FATCA Competent Authority Agreement to Exempt Certain Accounts Maintained by Lawyers and Notaries

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March 3, 2016

The Swiss competent authority released an announcement on March 1, 2016, that a new clause was added to the U.S.-Switzerland FATCA international governmental agreement (IGA) to exclude certain accounts maintained by lawyers and notaries licensed in Switzerland for their clients from FATCA coverage. Only accounts that are held in connection with certain activities protected by law under professional confidentiality fall under the exception (generally custodial and depository accounts), as the purpose of the new clause is to ensure that Swiss law protects the confidentiality of lawyers and notaries and their clients. The accounts will also only be protected if the underlying assets are directly related to a legal matter; a list of such items is set forth in the addition to the U.S.-Switzerland FATCA agreement. If the lawyer or notary certifies in writing to the bank maintaining the account that it falls within the exception, the bank is not required to identify the clients involved with the account. This addition is permitted under Annex II of the FATCA IGA, which allows additional accounts, entities, or products to be added pursuant to an agreement between the competent authorities of each country.

The announcement also reaffirmed that negotiations on a new FATCA IGA are ongoing, as required by a Swiss federal government mandate issued October 8, 2014. The new agreement will be a Model 1 IGA, which comes with reciprocal automatic information exchange obligations between the United States and Switzerland, unlike the current Model 2 IGA. Under the new IGA, Swiss financial institutions will report to Swiss authorities on U.S. account holders rather than reporting directly to the IRS.